Friday, May 25, 2012

Dear Mamas Part 2

Dear Mamas Part 2

This is what I wrote for you on mother's day: Dear Mamas Part 1              

                                                                                                May 13, 2012
Dear Mamas,
            We, the real men in the world, thank you. You were the first women that we loved. You are the ones who taught us how to love our women and            it was you who raised the women that we love. Happy Mother's Day.

Here is the MORE of what I wanted to say: Dear Mamas Part 2

Some of you have sacrificed everything for your babies and we know it. While you were raising us it may not have seemed like we appreciated you enough but that's just because we had to do a lot of growing up. We had to live life to understand adult issues to recognize your worth. Only in hindsight do we understand the discipline and the logic behind standing by the things you wouldn't let us do. I've heard it said that "Mother" is the name for God on the lips of all children and this I believe to be one hundred percent true.

We owe you our lives because you didn't have to keep us. Even after you realized that some of our fathers were never going to be what you hoped they would be you grit your teeth and carried us regardless. We understand that doing this has made your life a million times harder. When we mature enough to see this we realize that we don't hug you, kiss you, or pick up the phone and call you enough. Sadly, some of us can only place flowers on your graves and pray that you see us. We owe you everything.

To the mamas who were fortunate enough to make us with good men, we thank you for giving us real fathers, even if you didn't stay in love forever. You chose men who wanted to be in our lives so they stayed to be our dads because they knew it involved much more than just dropping off money. They took us to the park and the zoo because they wanted to spend time with us. They NEVER used us as tools to get "Awwws" or "That's so cutes" from random women. Some of you had to find this in men who weren't biologically our fathers. We thank you for having the patience to wait for the right one for a job that could only be done by the right man.

All in all, with all of your flaws, I guess I'm just trying to say that we love you. 

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