Saturday, March 31, 2012

Make Up by Keith Kareem Williams

Make Up

By Keith Kareem Williams

That foundation can't cover up the fact that you've lost all the color that you once had. Life, sadness and loss have drained the color from the rainbow that used to be your soul. Most days you do whatever it takes for you not to have to face all the things that have gone wrong. You can't even remember the last time you felt right.

That lipstick, or lip gloss can't cover the memories of all the kisses you regret or people you wish you'd never met. Bad decisions plague and haunt you like sickness and ghosts. There's a line of lovers that lied promises that were never kept. It's no accident that more than a few mistruths have also passed through your own lips, whispered in the ears of the unwary. You've learned from the best so it's to be expected.

The mascara under your eyes will eventually run when the tears start to fall. There's only but so much one person can hold in. Even storm clouds in the sky eventually burst. I'm sure that in quiet moments you've shed your share of tears secretly, without the thunder and lightning.

Come outside with me and turn your face upwards so that the rain can wash away the mask you hide behind. Let me see if I can bring you back and restore the natural color that you've lost. You can try to fool everyone else but all the make-up in the world can't hide the grey you keep tucked away inside.

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from the book I will be releasing in August of 2012 titled, "Ink in My Veins." In the meantime, here's the link to my other books:

Thursday, March 15, 2012

On One by Keith Kareem Williams

On One

By Keith Kareem Williams

It was the weekend and she said that she wanted to be high for this which left me confused as to whether I should be insulted or intrigued. I couldn't see if she was excited to touch her tongue with her pill or was she excited to be with me. I always preferred women to be sober and for them to have that intoxicated look only after everything was over. Pretty Jennifer knew what an e-pill does before most people even knew what an e-pill was. She sought solace in its stimulation because she smoked so much that eventually green weed crushed up in leaf wasn’t enough. What she was after was a different sort of rush. That night she told me that she loved me, over, and over, and over again. She loved me for a very long time too, at least with her body and her lips if not her sober heart. When she was on her trip she had magic in her hips and I hate to admit that I liked it. "I love you," after every stroke is what she told me. Maybe she really did miss me because she gave it to me like she owed me. Every time she came and gushed like rain she showed me.

Monday, March 12, 2012

So Far

So far....this is what I've done. Let me walk you through it.

This is my original cover for my 1st novel, "Water Flows Under Doors." The feedback that I recieved was overwhelmingly positive. I've always been a good writer but this proved to me that I had a writing style readers would enjoy and appreciate. You can see for yourself here:

Recently AmW of Estetika Exposure (@EstetikaExposR on twitter) redesigned the cover for me. You can read the post where I interviewed her about her other artwork here:

Other issues in my life caught up to me so I put my pen down for a while. All the same, I couldn't hold off the urge to write forever so eventually, after many sleepless nights, I wrote my 2nd novel, "Open Spaces." By this time, my confidence as an author had grown and I'm very proud of the story I wrote. I had also matured and experienced a lot more in life by the time I sat down to pen this. I even made it onto a few book clubs' "Top Ten Reads" lists for the year I released it.

Since I started to make a push with my career, I've made some amazing, talented friends in the industry. I met three of them in "The Readers In Motion Book Club's" chat room. What started off as a suggestion...we made into a reality when all four of us hooked up to put together this anthology. I'll never forget the experience collaborating with them to create something so amazing. It was fun getting dark and gritty while writing my part of the book titled, "The Prerequisites of Perdition."

Social media has really helped me to establish an online presence. In the summer of 2011 I decided to put together a book of poems, status updates, essays, tweets and notes that I've posted in various places. I wanted to create something that would give readers a feel for who I am....outside of my novels. With this in mind, "Sometimes Brooklyn, Mostly Mars" was born.

My novels have sensual scenes in them but I had never written all-out erotica until I was offered the opportunity to write for the Eros 369 Vol. III anthology. I'm still proud to featured among so many talented authors and poets. My story, "Galerie Erotique" recieved so much good feedback and buzz that I've decided to continue with it in an erotic novella I'm writing now titled, "Colder Than January."

Erotica was so much fun to write that I fear it has become an addiction for me but also a nice addition to my writng resume. Melodi Roberts of "Naughty Ink Press" asked me to write for their erotic anthology titled "Untapped: A Series of Erotic Firsts" and I jumped right on it. An older woman's first encounter with a much younger man is the theme of my contribution titled "Bring Me Back."

I have to send a huge Shout-out to Locksie Locks of "A.R.C. Book Club Inc." for inviting me to write for their Literary Cookbook which allowed me to revisit one of my favorite characters from "Open Spaces." As soon as she asked I was excited because I'd never heard of anything like it...The concept was so original. This featured recipes but instructions are given via different characters from the contributing author's books. Drink responsibly if you follow my recipe step-by-step for "Mosh's Rum Punch."

***I have another short story...soon to be featured in another anthology. I'll announce it once the publisher makes the official announcement.***

In the meantime...I hope you're looking for what I have planned next which is my 3rd full-length novel titled, "Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls" soon to be followed by the erotic novella I mentioned before, "Colder Than January." As you can see....I try my best to keep moving. I believe it's always better to be busy than bored. Scan through the rest of  my blog and you'll find samples of mostly everythng I'm working on. I still have some Top Secret things going on but hey, what's life without a little mystery? I can't tell everything.)