Tuesday, March 14, 2017

My Condolences & Apologies

I know it's been TOO long since I updated the blog. I apologize. Promoting "Death in the City" has been taking up all of my time & energy. Anyway, I had a deep conversation with someone that used to be very special to me late last night as snow blanketed my city & it inspired this post. You guys know that I'm not afraid to share.

My Condolences & Apologies

I placed flowers on the grave of, peacefully prayed for and apathetically apologized to the part of my heart that used to love you. I’ve done my best to erase the sensation of your soft lips pressed against mine in those sweet kisses that we used to share. I fight against the feeling of wanting you here, in this bed next to me, with your head on my chest and the tickle of your hair against my chin. I even grew this beard to cover the bare skin on the cheeks that you used to love to touch as you tried to hypnotize and drown me in the depths of desire in your eyes. I’ve brainwashed myself to forget that you were once mine. I walk outside in the rain without an umbrella but still can’t wash away the stain of the pain of choosing you and then losing you. I wear the memory of you like a tattoo.

You saved me when I was dying from another pain of another loss from another time, long before you declared yourself mine. Without you, I couldn’t have moved on. Your heartbeat kept mine strong. Thanks for saving me once upon a time. 

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