Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Dream Killers

I apologize for going missing once again. I've been busy. I'm still filming my 1st independent film, creating fresh content for my Patreon page, writing a new novella while also writing two full-length novels. (It's ALWAYS better to be busy than bored so I'm definitely NOT complaining) All of these things will pay off. I decided to share the post I created for the folks who subscribe to my Patreon page with you guys today because I believe that it's a message that EVERYONE should hear loud and clear.

Dream killers
You had a dream from the time you were a kid. Somewhere along the way, time and circumstances slowly sapped your belief that you could make those dreams reality. If you still managed to hold on to even a tiny spark of that magic, you’re a special person. Most people’s aspirations die slow, unceremonious deaths and no one even mourns them. But, if you’ve managed to hold onto the idea that you can make your dreams real, here’s what to expect:

People will NEVER believe in your dream as much as YOU do, and you shouldn’t expect them to. If you make the mistake of thinking that anyone is going to have as much faith in what you’re chasing as you do, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Remember, most people have settled for whatever life has put on their plate. Most people underachieve so, HOW DARE YOU try to overachieve. That’s the vibe they’ll give you…sometimes in subtle ways but you’ll pick up on it. When you realize that YOU ARE NOT REGULAR, regular people will try to crush your spirit…in subtle ways but, if you pay attention, you’ll pick up on it. Most of the folks you call friends will want to see you do well but even among them, you’ll have some who want you to do well enough to be ok but never elevate to the point where you actually reach your FULL potential. Why? Because they settled and will never reach theirs.

Not everyone that enters your life is meant to be there forever. For them, the road may not go any further but yours might just keep going. When you don’t want to remain stuck where they’re standing, they’ll show you how much they hate that you want to move on. Without even fully knowing or realizing what they’re doing, they’ll try to infect you with doubt and fears that are THEIRS, not YOURS. It takes a great deal of strength to keep pushing when you’re surrounded by doubters and dream killers. Keep pushing anyway. As I’ve said before, the ONLY person that needs to believe is YOU. Eventually, as long as you put the work in, you’ll cross paths with people who support your work and believe in it. Aim for the sky so you can sleep on the clouds.  

I hope this post resonates with you and encourages you to pursue your dreams, passionately AND with conviction. Block out the outside noise and do what you need to do.

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