Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Love in the City...FINALLY

Love in the City...FINALLY!

It's been a long road but, the novel that I was supposed to release way back in the summer is finally finished and the autographed copies that were pre-ordered have been shipped out. I can honestly say that I feel a HUGE weight lifted from my shoulders. For those of you who keep up with my announcements, you may have realized that "Love in the City" was not originally a part of my plan for 2017. It was only after I started getting feedback and requests for MORE about the characters I introduced in "Death in the City" that I decided to write it. The truth is, "Love in the City" started out as a project to satisfy and thank my readers but, somewhere on the first pages of the book as I started to clearly see ALL of the storylines I planned to pen, I fell in love with the novel myself. I used the same anthology-type style so that both novels could feel even more connected and it worked out beautifully.

Of course, as the title suggests, the theme of "Love in the City" is LOVE but that emotion is a complicated thing and can take many forms. That is what I wanted to show as I bled ink onto the pages. There are different types of love that I believe we can all relate to. Right now, I'm waiting for more feedback as readers start to finish the book. (I wish MORE of you guys would post reviews online but, I'll address that in another blog post) So far, so good. I've heard that the book is sexy, inspiring and very engaging. It's always a beautiful thing when you create a real page-turner. Thanks for all of the support guys. Tell a friend to tell a friend because we love word-of-mouth recommendations around here. 

P.S., I have a big surprise coming at the beginning of January so stay tuned for that announcement. I'm going to be trying something new on another platform and I hope you guys sign up.