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Happy Wednesday folks. This section of the blog has been collecting dust for a few months but I'm going to make sure to keep it updated frequently from now on. Today, allow me to introduce you to Free & Chelle.....

My name is April Freeman, otherwise known as, Free.  I am a single mother of two amazing boys (Kieron, 16 & Khaden, 4).  Currently I work for Richmond Public Schools, I have an AA in Early Childhood Education and BA in K-12.  I have always been a lover of words…what they do alone and together.  Reading and writing is just like AIR to me (I have to have it!!!).  If I had to describe myself, I would say that…my boys, friends, and books are everything.  I am Free and Free is just a plain Jane with a touch of funny!!!!

My name is W. Michelle Meeks-Davis and I wear many hats that range from Wife, Mother, “Maunty” (mother/aunty), avid reader, and literary supporter.  I’ve been married for 22 years to my best friend and from this union we were blessed to have one child, our son who is a senior in College.  While we weren’t blessed with anymore biological children, we were fortunate enough to welcome our two nephews ages 5 and 16 into our home and have since raised them as our own; hence the term “maunty.”  I enjoy indulging in many things but nothing fulfills my life more than being able to take a ride on a literary roller coaster.  Any author that is able to allow me to take a trip into their fanciful world gets my undying and unadulterated support.  I have a host of favorites and quite frankly too many to name but the one thing that they all have in common is that they have been blessed by the effervescent kisses of the gods to wield a weapon that changes lives and transports their unsuspecting victims to worlds beyond any we would ever be able to travel using modern transportation.

Together we make up the dynamic duo, Free & Chelle: The Industry’s Best Kept Secret.  We joined forces because of one common denominator, our LOVE, NEED, & OBSESSION with all things literary.  The bond that we share was created from the steel of determination, the fires of persistence, and the celestial strums of a can-do spirit.  From the bowels of purpose, Free & Chelle’s Literary Services was born.  Our newly formed endeavor is small but we have something that many others are lacking: our grit, strength of character, and love of all things literary to be our beacon to guide us to success.  With Free & Chelle’s Literary Services you will receive a single-minded focus to ensure that you are seen, read, and soar to the pinnacles of success.    We offer a myriad of services to help ensure that you reach your best potential.  We provide book reviews, promotions, book trailers, promotional materials, author spotlights, proofreading, test reading, and a host of other literary amenities to make your journey the best ride you’ve ever taken. 
Each week we will bring you tips to ensure your success in the literary world.  It is our hope that you will continue to follow as we grow and branch out to become one of your most lethal and best weapons against failure.  Come on over and find out what the buzz is all about because Free and Chelle are who you need to become the best YOU that you can be!

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