Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Poet Tasha Thompson

Poet Tasha Thompson

I've had a love affair with words for as long as I can remember. My mom said that I started talking before I was two and nobody has been able to shut me up since. It wasn't until I was nine that I began to write my words and feelings down. At first it was fun and therapeutic. Growing up in a single parent home in Philly, just like anywhere else, things happen that as a child you don't quite understand or feel comfortable talking about so I would  write instead. From there the passion grew.  I'm so grateful for this gift and the opportunity to share it with the world. My goal is to leave people entertained, fed, and also hopefully a little better acquainted with who I am as a writer, a woman, a mother, a lover, and a person. I am Natasha. Here are two of my poems.

Cyber Crush
I hunt for you through the forest of meaningless post.stalking through social networks liking ur photos the most. all with ulterior motives and agendas that are hidden. get excited when u like something I have written. I fantasize that I affect the moments of your day or you have me in mind when u describe love. and lust in ur unique way. that you draw from me inspiration through sexual expression. I fantasize that I'm not limited to my mind for your affection. but atlast we strangers passing through a forest of meaningless stats full of obnoxious rants  devoid of any facts. so I make love to u indirectly through quotes and phrases leaving literary orgasm just for u on social web pages.

The Session
lips tap dancing on the nape of my neck
sexually startle me and
awaken my flesh
fingertips caress my body
from the bottom to
the top
hungrily in search of my hidden sweet spot
I grant the entrance to my priceless domain
I greet you with pleasure filled shouts of your name
I catch your rhythm slow and steady at first
you feel so good I think I might burst
I melt all over u and u inside of me. lost in a world of bliss far from reality. then I fall fast to sleep safe in your arms
nestled in euphoria far away from harm. 
The Session.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Author/Father/Role Model by Keith Kareem Williams

<---Author/Father/Role Model

by Keith Kareem Williams

I recently received the first shipment of my 4th book, "Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls." Of course, carefully slicing open those first boxes of a new release is always exciting and a moment to be celebrated. After all these years, I still get the same feeling of pride and accomplishment when I hold the first copies in my hands, finally able to touch the result of long nights of being locked away in my lab, doing my best to create memorable novels.
1st shipment of "Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls."

As overwhelming as that initial feeling of accomplishment can be, there is something that feels even better. The looks on my children's faces, not just the first time, but EVERY time books are delivered is priceless! Those of you who have been following my career already know that I've been a single dad for many, many years. I've always tried my best to be the best father that I can be. I do what I can to raise my son and my daughter to be strong individuals in a cold world where anything less is often preyed upon. What I've found to be powerful and moving is the light that burns in their eyes once UPS delivers those packages every week. I've seen that same look from them on Christmas morning when they open their presents. 

My son and my daughter

I've worked for other people my entire life, since the age of fourteen. At thirty-four, I finally decided to solely concentrate on building my writing career before I became too comfortable and complacent running other people's businesses. If you don't have your own dream, you better believe that someone else will hire you to help them make THEIRS a reality. I was gainfully employed but, in 2010, if I hadn't made the decision to leave, I was fearful that I would have lost the nerve to make that move as the years flew by.

Just the 3 of us

Our children shouldn't have to look outside of our homes to find role models. As parents, if we want them to be GREAT, then WE have to at least try to be that ourselves. Everyone knows that children often pick up the bad habits and ways of their parents, whether they intend to or not. Why not give them something powerful and constructive to emulate in order to offset the multitude of parenting mistakes we are ALL certain to make? That's what I'm trying my hardest to do.

The right and left sides of my heart

I've eavesdropped on some of their conversations and heard them talk about having their own businesses when they grow up. To me, that's a blessing and I can think that maybe I'm doing something right, especially when my generation was told to grow up and find a good job. (When I look around, even at my own past, THAT didn't work out too well.) I can smile with the knowledge that I'm creating bosses, not workers. In that way, they can control their own fates.

It's a madhouse full of eccentric, crazy, people too! LOL

Below is the new release that we were all excited about. (The kids just get to look at the cover. They won't be old enough to read it for a while) LOL

4th book from Keith Kareem Williams
Here's the link if you'd like to purchase a copy: 

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Writer Wednesday - Author Teresa Rae Butler


Welcome to another week's edition of "Writer Wednesday" where I feature other authors who are definitely taking their craft to higher heights. Please take the time to click her links and get familiar with her work.

Author Teresa Rae Butler

Teresa Rae Butler started her writing career in 2005, and hit the ground running. She has 5 novels under her belt. They are, DON'T EVEN TRIP, GOD I RESPECT YA GANGSTA, HO-9, GLITTER GUNS N BUTTER, and her latest .99 smash, EAT THE DAMN CAKE ANA MAY! She is also the host of CREAM CITY CLASSICA RADIO SHOW in MILWAUKEE WI. Her latest success is her videos on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL simply titled, TERESARAE9. A, mother, stand-up comedian, author, magazine operator and promoter, she knows that these are just a few more things that she is, such as graphic designer and OWNER of TEXT 4M PUBLISHING of MILWAUKEE WI. As the controversial, open host of CREAM CITY CLASSICA, and the high watch count of her videos, in her opinion, her career has really, just begun.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Art of Storytelling…on Pillows Elizabeth Holmes

The Art of Storytelling…on Pillows
Elizabeth Holmes

Elizabeth Holmes is an interior designer and co-founder of Memoranda, an online retailer of retro modern decorative pillows.  Flips and fros, beehives and bamboo earrings never looked so…delicious. 

Memoranda, an online home accessories boutique, was conceived last year in collaboration with my husband, John, an illustrator. As an interior designer, I’m always searching for something bright, bold or sexy to pull a room together. It’s why I’m willing to put graffiti on the wall of a family room.

"With Memoranda I wanted to create home accessories – pillows, bedding, and wallpaper that paid homage to the past, but with a modern twist.

It began with a list of my favorite things from my childhood, like jelly shoes and doorknocker earrings, and photos of my mom in a partial beehive and catglasses from the late 60s. That led to research on what was going on at that time in [her]story, fashion and pop culture. 

The collection…
The end result was a collection of home accessories designed to celebrate the retro style attributes of iconic women of the 60s, 70s and 80s: Pam Grier, a.k.a. Foxy Brown, Jean Shrimpton, Diana Ross and The Supremes, The Ronnettes. Salt-n-Pepa.

My favorite designs include our “Flip 4 Fro” and Bamboo Dreams” patterns, as well as our “Diva Doorknocker” pillow cover.

How it’s made…
Memoranda’s bright and bold graphics are printed on linen in a variety of colors from chartreuse and ocean blue to hot pink and orange sherbert. We are proud to say that all of our pillows are made by hand here in the USA.

What’s next…
Memoranda pillow covers will be available in three new colors for fall and in two new sizes. And some of our favorite patterns will be available as bedding, wallpaper and shower curtains.

We’re already working on a second collection -- Times Square circa 1979-80.


Elizabeth Holmes Design