Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Blow Over Screenplay (Sample)

This is a sample from the Screenplay I wrote that the producer has now requested that I also turn into a novel.

Blow Over
sample of an Original Screenplay by Keith Kareem Williams


You’ve never come to me for this much product. What’s going on?

They say they have a buyer that can move it.

Oh, I see. And who is this mysterious buyer?

I don’t know. Some foreigner.

(smirking sarcastically)
Some foreigner? And you trust your little goon squad?

Of course. They’re loyal to me. Without me, they wouldn’t have shit, they wouldn’t be shit. I basically saved their lives. Everything they have is because I created the lane for them to have it.

(Doubt heavy in his voice)
(Shaking his head and looking directly at the CONNECT)
So, it’s the troubled lives of wolves and sheepdogs playing out before my eyes.


In this shady underworld that we do business in, you can’t confuse the three or the results can be disastrous. There are differences between wolves, sheep and sheepdogs.

I don’t understand. What the hell are you talking about?

Some people are sheep, content to graze peacefully and quietly play their roles. These goons that work for you, they are NOT that. But, I’m sure you know this. To you, these boys that work for you are sheepdogs. They keep the wolves off of your back. They keep you safe.

What are you trying to say, that I’m soft?

(Putting his index finger up sternly)
Listen, I’m too old to mince words. We both know that without those boys keeping you safe, the wolves of that stinking city you conduct your business in would have eaten you alive a long time ago. Make no mistake about it, you are the sheep. You would be content to just make your money and play your position. You know your role.
(Putting his hand on the CONNECT’S shoulder)
That is not a bad thing at all. It’s why you’re my favorite. You have no greedy little eyes on my throne. You keep your head down and graze. But, I think you’re making a mistake and I’m obligated to warn you.

What mistake?

These brothers that work for you are not sheepdogs. They are wolves. And, greedy wolves at that. They protect you from the rest so that you can grow fat. One day, they’ll feast on YOUR flesh.

I’ll take my chances with them. They’ve never let me down. I trust them with my life.

You can trust them with your life. I don’t trust them with my product.

The SUPPLIER signals to one of his BODYGUARDS. The BODYGUARD nods and disappears OFF CAMERA. In a few moments, he returns with two grim, fearsome looking men (THE SHEPHERDS) and begins to walk them over to where the CONNECT and the SUPPLIER are sitting.

So, you won’t give me the work then?

Oh, I’m going to give you the work. Money always has to be made. I just won’t be letting you handle it alone.

THE SHEPHERDS walk into the screen and stand behind the CONNECT and the SUPPLIER at the bench where they’re seated. The CONNECT looks over his shoulder nervously at these two fearsome, intimidating men.

What’s this?

(Waving his hand at the men nonchalantly)
These are my SHEPHERDS. They’ll keep you and my product safe on this one. Pick it up tomorrow in the usual spot. They’ll be there with it. Oh, by the way. One more thing.

(Getting up to leave)
What’s up?

Warn your sheepdogs not to fuck with me. I’ll kill them, and everything they love.

***cOMING sOON***

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Real Tears

Real Tears

By Keith Kareem Williams

Yesterday, on my way to one of my favorite spots to move these books, I passed by three women who seemed to be engaged in what appeared to be a heavy conversation. One of the women was very young and in tears. Her eyes and nose were red, a tell-tale sign that she had been bawling for some time. The other two older women were shoving religious pamphlets at her in their best efforts to console her. I didn’t hear what words were exchanged between them but the entire scene is still very vivid in my mind’s eye. (I’m a writer so I’m observant. That’s just how I was designed.) I passed by and continued on my way.

The distraught young woman ended up walking on the same block I was on, still crying her eyes out ten minutes later. I almost didn’t say anything but I felt compelled to ask her what was wrong. I begged her to stop crying. (Even when I’m the cause, I really don’t like to see women cry.) She was reluctant to answer me at first but the second time I asked if she was alright, she told me everything.

In between sobs, she explained that she’d just had a huge, ugly fight with her father. She told me that he’d yelled at her, put his hand in her face and accused her of “acting too grown.” The argument started when she told her dad that she had decided to start college in the winter instead of the fall. I tried to calm her down and explained that it sounded like her father only wanted the best for her, even though his delivery may not have been on point. She explained that she really didn’t understand why he was so upset because, although she lived with him, she felt as if she was on her own. She told me that he was hardly ever home and when he was, they really didn’t speak. She raised her voice in anger and told me that he probably wasn’t going to contribute financially to her higher education either so she wondered what right he had to be so concerned. Then she broke down and had to cover her face. When she composed herself enough to speak again, she told me that she was her father’s first child but, out of all the children he’d made since, he’d done the least for her. I did the best I could to make her feel better about that but how do you tell a person not to be hurt by how someone else has treated them?

I told her to try not to feel bad about her father being a better parent to her younger siblings. I tried to show her that it was a good thing if he’d learned from his mistakes and evolved into a better man. I let her know that it was natural and human to feel resentment in her situation. (I didn’t need a psychology degree to recognize the real root of her pain.) I told her a little about my life and told a few jokes before I asked her not to let her past dictate her future. With a smile on my face I said that at the end of the day, our parents have lived their lives and it made no sense for us to be destroyed by the wrongs they inflicted on us. We talked for another ten minutes before she thanked me and walked away with a smile on her face instead of tears streaming down her cheeks.

I didn’t go into the vivid details of our conversation because I just feel that it was intimate and personal. Out of respect for the young lady, I’ve kept this as vague as possible while trying to give you a feel for what was going on with her life. I wrote this to give parents an idea of the damage they do sometimes, without even trying. Our children are not robots or pets that can be trained. They are human beings with real emotions, thoughts and feelings. Discipline and guidance is important but so is the way we treat them. You can’t neglect them and then turn the “parenting switch” on and off like a light switch. It just doesn’t work like that. You damage them when you move on to a new relationship but abandon them as if they never existed. I will leave ANY woman if I have to but I’ll NEVER leave my children to be forgotten victims of the aftermath. My kids are pieces of me. I’m a single father with a son and a daughter. Eventually, if I’m in the right “situation” I intend to have more. I wouldn’t treat any of them differently.

In order to raise children properly, a lot of parents need to grow up first. We spend so much or our time trying to figure out how to love a mate or a spouse in order to keep THEM but neglect the same process with our children. How many parents even know who their children really are? If we don’t understand them, how can we guide them or let them know that we love them dearly in terms that they’ll understand?

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

By Keith Kareem Williams

“Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

I'm gonna use you and abuse you
I'm gonna know what's inside
Gonna use you and abuse you
I'm gonna know what's inside you” – excerpt from Sweet Dreams by the Eurythmics
When I first heard this song as a kid, it just sounded cool and I really didn’t understand the lyrics. Now that I’m a grown man that has lived a little, it sums up so much about the people that will come in and out of your life. If you’ve never heard this song, google it and take a listen…..I’ll wait.

The hardest part about dealing with people is figuring out their motives. Most people aren’t honest with their intentions when the fact is, just like the song says, everybody’s looking for something. It’s just the nature of humanity and you can travel everywhere in the world and not find anything different, no matter the country or the culture. Motivation is what moves people. The problem is that most people are moved by selfish motivation that will eventually become a pestilence in your life if you let it. You must always beware of people who only want to use you. They have no desire to bring anything positive into your life and they’re only concerned with what they can take. They’ll always pretend to be offering something that you’re looking for in exchange for what they want from you. From me they usually want dick, money, love or all of the above.

Even stranger than the people who want to use you are the people who want to be used by you. It’s insane and I’ve witnessed it. They’re so desperate just to be near you that they’ll accept anything. They are almost gluttons for punishment. Their odd obsession can be destructive too. People have to learn that if someone doesn’t love them or want them, then that’s exactly what it is. Emotions are what they are. They hardly change and you’ll never be able to change someone’s heart if they don’t feel you.

Finally, there are those that have been so hurt in life that their objective is to hurt anyone and everyone they can. They truly believe that we should all share the same pain that was inflicted on them. They’ll even sabotage their friends’ lives out of spite. These are the abusers. On the flip side of that coin are the people that want to be abused by you. They’re so used to harsh, unfair treatment that they can’t comprehend anything else. They feel that by abusing them, you’re actually saying that you love them.

I’ve seen into the hearts of people and what I’ve seen isn’t always pleasant. I actually don’t believe in people much anymore. Like I’ve said before, I’m numb. There is definitely Novocain in my veins. I’m like this because I accept reality. At the same time, I’m unrealistic because I always HOPE for different or for someone to prove me wrong. Sometimes, I just want to feel again but every time I try, reality steps in and rains on my parade. It’s going to take a ton of convincing to make me believe otherwise.

I don’t want to use you. I don’t want to be used by you. I don’t want to abuse you. I don’t want to be abused by you. My sweet dreams are made of this. Sometimes I foolishly hold on to the slim chance that somewhere, somebody understands me. You can’t love me just because I make you feel good. There will be times when I make you feel bad. What then? I’m not auditioning to impress anyone. At the end of the day, I’m just Reem, just as you see me. I’ll remain as I am, reckless and free until somebody makes me want to stop. She should be able to read my mind and see the truth behind my eyes. I'd die for her because she rides for me. It doesn't get more basic than that.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The Road Vol. 1

The Road Vol. 1

By Keith Kareem Williams

I just want people to know that nothing happens overnight and that this is a grind. This is hard work. This is sacrifice and this is dedication. This is difficult. Turning dreams into reality always is. I’m just trying to lean on Heaven’s gates while I’m still alive.


Water Flows Under Doors was the beginning. Even now it feels like it was my first real act of bravery in life. It took a lot to actually stop talking about it taking the first step to really being about it. It was the first time I actually stepped outside of my comfort zone and made an effort to make something real happen. I was just tired of dreaming about it. I could have also titled it, “Where I’m From” because that’s exactly what it is. It’s a vivid depiction of life through my eyes translated in ink based on things I’ve seen. Somewhere on the journey between its pages, you will feel what the characters feel because the life that I describe is real.

The feedback when I first released the book was insanely positive. It felt good to know that people appreciated my style, story and talent. It was still strictly a labor of love. Life and providing for my family caught up with me. I made choice to put my book away and put down my pen for far too long. That was the first time I came dangerously close to letting my dreams wither and die. I don’t regret those years at all. I got a chance to feel more, hurt more, love more and understand reality just a little better. Then, like magic, I found inspiration and started writing on my own again. It felt right and I felt ready. The first thing I had to do was re-release Water Flows Under Doors and participate in my first book fair. I was excited and nervous when I got the invite to the Westrock Book Fair.
It rained, it drizzled but I still got love as a rookie. The turnout wasn’t tremendous but it gave me the confidence to do another event as soon as possible. It felt right and I was ready. My first Harlem Book Fair was next.
This is where I met an amazing group of people who have become family to me. The members of The Readers In Motion Book Club ALL walked up to my table, asked me about my books and ALL bought copies. I respected it. It was a big risk to take with an unknown author. They could have easily bought one copy and shared it. I’ll never forget that day or the love they’ve shown me since then.
My second novel, Open Spaces was painful and difficult for me to write. The story is fiction but the emotions, sentiment and raw vibe were taken from my own experiences. I had grown up since Water Flows Under Doors and I intended to show the world just how much. The only way for me to accomplish this was to leave pieces of my soul on the pages, fearlessly. I had evolved and took a step closer to what I wanted to be. I could feel it. I also felt trapped in a world I didn’t want to be in so, two weeks before I received the physical Proof of the book from the printer, I gave my job my two week’s notice. I stepped out on faith and confidence that I could get this done. I’m still here. People loved Open Spaces and I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished. I’ve lost a few people along the way but I’ve also gained some important ones in my life.


Through chats on The Readers In Motion Book club’s website, I met my talented, amazing co-authors for Crossroads: An Anthology. One night, someone said that it would be awesome if we all got together and wrote a book one day. It started as a thought that turned into a dream which evolved into the work that we now present to you. Every author brought their own unique voice and style. I hope you love it and support it.
Special thanks to DK Gaston, Elizabeth LaShaun and KR Bankston………my PNC’s on this anthology.

What’s next? You’ll have to pay attention to find out.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 10, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 10, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today. (THE CARTOON EDITION)

1. I’d have Fairly Odd Parents like Timmy Turner to give me wishes. (Mine would be gangsta though)

2. I’d have a ride-or-die pitbull for a pet that could talk like Scooby Doo.

3. I’d have a trick up my sleeve for every situation like Inspector Gadget.

4. I’d put the evil Monkey from Chris Griffin’s room in the bathrooms of people I don’t like.

5. Every time someone did something that made absolutely no sense, *POOF* and they’d turn into the Stoopid Monkey from Robot Chicken for 15 minutes.

6. My future wife will have a voice like Lois Griffin. (I know, weird but I find it oddly sexy)

7. I would get drunk with Spongebob and Patrick, and get Bikini Bottom poppin!!!!!

No photoshop...this is real sh*t right here! Lmao

After the drinks..........Hahahahaa!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love Letter

Love Letter

By Keith Kareem Williams

July 9, 2011

To everyone who has supported me along the way,

I’d like to thank you for reading my stories, loving my words and supporting me on this road. It’s never ever been easy and I don’t expect that it ever will be. That’s fine because I’ve managed to fall in love with the process and the grind of it all. That should keep me focused, even when I get to where I want to be. It insures that I won’t fall off because the hunger to advance my craft will never die. Everyone who has given me feedback, positive and the necessary negatives have helped to instill that in me. I appreciate it all. I needed it all. Every bit of belief that you have in me keeps me going during the times when it would be much easier to give up. Your blessings, tweets, texts, emails, inbox messages, comments, jokes, shout-outs and phone calls make the strain of it all bearable. For some of you that I’ve met in person, thanks for the fond memories. Without you, I’d just be some guy writing in a diary. Thanks for spending your money on my work. I love every single person that made a purchase. I love you for telling your friends to support me. I promise to continue to pour pieces of myself onto the pages of my books. I’m writing this letter, just like I write this blog, as a way to continue to show you that…..I love you. Thanks for everything.

Keith Kareem Williams

Because of all of you.......I'm closer than I've ever been. I won't lose....I promise!!!!!!!



Friday, July 8, 2011

6 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 8, 2011

6 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 8, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today. (TIME TRAVELER EDITION)

1. I’d wake up and have the power to travel back and forth in time.

2. I’d be able to go back in time and watch myself as a kid, just being a carefree kid whenever “adult life” stresses me out.

3. I would have told my friend not to go to the party so he’d still be here.

4. I’d do whatever it took to stop some of my other friends from hustling so they’d be free right now.

5. I’d copy down the winning numbers from a huge Lotto drawing, go back in time and win it! (Yes, I know, that’s cheating. AND?)

6. I’d leave an anonymous note for myself explaining that I WOULD be making the right decision to focus on my writing career because people were going to recognize how good I really was in the future.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 7, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 7, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today.

1. The weather will change at random, depending on my mood.

2. On January 7, 2012 the entire world will simultaneously yell “Happy Birthday” to me as if it was New Years!

3. When I open the zipper on my pants, there will be a bright glow like the inside of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. (I recycled this one from yesterday because I liked it so much) HA!

4. Collecting and drinking our own tears will be discovered as the cure for our own heartaches.

5. Life will imitate art instead of the other way around.

6. My tattoos will actually come to life and be able to move across my skin at random times. (That means the second dragon will actually fly through those windy skies and the Koi fish will really swim in those choppy waters. The first dragon with its wings spread over the globe will really flap its wings in space.)

7. Our dreams are the reality and this world is a fake.

Capricorn King

"It's rather unsettling if you're attracted to the exact same instability today that you typically try to avoid. But you may be totally fascinated by someone's unorthodox style or radical ideas, even if you cannot see any practical value in it. Your unusual behavior might worry you, but don't hold yourself back. Rest assured that your more traditional approach to life will return in a couple of days." - my horoscope for 7/7/2011

LOL. Sounds like trouble for me doesn't it? Looks like I'm about to be on a reckless behavior spree.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 6, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 6, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today.

1. Each and every morning, simultaneously as they wake up, every woman in the world will rub their breasts as they think about me.

2. At random moments, club music will play out of nowhere and all the people in the room will start to party!

3. When I open the zipper on my pants, there will be a bright glow like the inside of the briefcase in Pulp Fiction.

4. Every time I bring a woman to climax, I’ll glow like Leroy from the Last Dragon! “I got that glow.”

5. Every time I walk into a building, my theme music will play over the loud speakers to let them know I’ve arrived!

6. Every woman that loves me will push aside her pride and tell me everything she’s always wanted to say to me, from the bottom of her heart. LOL

7. Oh yeah, everyone would have a good or bad sign floating above their heads so I would know who was good for my life or not.

for your Kindle

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 5, 2011 by Keith Kareem Williams

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 5, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today. (SPECIAL: EX’S AND FUTURE EX’S EDITION!!!!!!!!)

1. I’ll forgive ALL of my Ex’s transgressions and let bygones be bygones.

2. ALL of my Ex’s will form an alliance, come and live with me while each one uses her strengths to help me organize my life. (YEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!! Big Love!)

3. All of my Ex’s will magically combine and become ONE woman that possesses ALL of their best qualities but NONE of their worst ones. That means, the best sex, the most sense, the most loyal, the best cook, the best imagination, the best supporter, the most inspiring, the strongest maternal instincts, the best looks and the greatest understanding of me.

4. I’ll find a NEW woman that outshines ALL of my Ex’s on her own! (How about THAT!)

5. This NEW woman will understand that I flirt harmlessly, grind relentlessly, love fiercely and love me back the same way unconditionally.

6. I’ll marry her and be at peace knowing that she’ll be the last woman I ever love. (Yeah yeah, I know, “Commitment Issues” right? Not at all. I’d only marry the NEW woman from Impossible thing #5 so, this is why this is on this list. If I met her, I’d keep her…trust me!)

7. Whenever we’re together, the perfect love song for the moment will play like our theme music but only we’ll be able to hear it.

Pretty freakin’ AWESOME list today!!!!!! ***Pats myself on the back***

***See Below*** Oh, and look for the complete version of my story "Bring Me Back" in this anthology. (I stay busy kiddies)

Monday, July 4, 2011

10 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 4, 2011

10 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 4, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

***Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today.***

1. I will make ALL the right decisions from now until I’m gone.

2. I’ll wake up tomorrow and realize that all the worst parts of this life were a dream.

3. Later on tonight, fireworks will fly out of everybody’s chest like in Katie Perry’s video.

4. Mary Poppins will drop out of the sky and let me hire her as a nanny to help me with my kids. (Nanny McPhee will do if she can’t make it)

5. We’ll be able to make snowmen in the summer.

6. ALL wack MC’s will lose their voice, all at once and spare my ears the foolishness.

7. In some remote part of the world, I’ll find a real dragon that I’ll keep as a pet. (Better than any guard dog)

8. I will stand on top of the Empire State building, beating my chest but when the planes come to shoot me down, I’ll just fly away.

9. All of my friends that I’ve lost will come back today so we can hang out and party together, even if it’s only for just one more day.

10. My tattoos will really be able to move.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Novocain Numb by Keith Kareem Williams

Novocain Numb

By Keith Kareem Williams

Disclaimer: When I first decided to create this blog, I made up my mind to keep it as honest as I do with interviews. I promised to always give you me, the real me, at all times, no matter how I came across. Nothing has changed.

“I'm all on her 'til she loves me and I'm up in here ‘til she comes. But I won’t let her break my heart & my excuse is that I'm numb…because I'm only gettin' colder...somebody should have told her”.... – Keith Kareem Williams ©

Do I still believe in love? Of course I do. I just don’t believe in flighty, temporary infatuations. I can do without those. I don’t believe in that “meet me today and love me tomorrow” love. I’ve seen enough of that and to tell you the truth, I grow weary of that lie. Feel free to disagree but the real eternity type of “you and me” just takes real time to me. Now that THAT’S out of the way, I’ll continue.

“Power” is something people enjoy having, even over things they don’t want. They desire it because 99% of the times, there’s another aspect of their life or situation that they WISH they had control over but don’t. A typical example would be that boss that beasts on the entire office every day but is powerless at home. Sometimes it’s in the form of that pretty girl who had that boyfriend that treated her like garbage so now it’s her against every guy that likes her. Then, there’s the womanizing guy who befriends them, fucks them and then forgets them because he had his heart broken once. All examples of people trying to abuse power in areas where they once felt powerless. This is because they might not have ever faced the real emotions of what they went through. If they have and still choose to behave that way, then kudos to them. (They’re officially super-villains LOL)

People always advise that you should “control your emotions” which just seems silly, foolish and an exercise in futility to me. Emotions are what they are because they’re beautifully uncontrollable. If we could control them, each and every one of us would be happy at all times. Who would truly desire sadness, anger or even grief? If we could, who wouldn’t find everything funny and laugh all day? If we could, wouldn’t we all control the shame and awkwardness that jealousy brings? No, ladies and gentlemen, we CANNOT control emotions but we CAN control how we behave after we experience them.

I’m not anywhere near being an old man but, I’m not as young as I used to be either. I’ve made my share of “young-man mistakes” and fortunately for me, most of them weren’t too costly. During my time here, (See how I’m writing as if I were from Mars for real? LOL) I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen ugly truths as well as beautiful lies. As far as people go, I’ve held on way too long to some of the wrong ones while I misjudged and lost my grip on some of the potentially right ones. I accept it. As it says in my Twitter profile, “I’m the most unrealistic realist alive.” I’ve been asked what that means because it seems like a contradiction within a contradiction. Let me explain…

I still manage to dream of things that are highly improbably, unlikely and very close to being fantasy. (Check the blog for the daily “Impossible Things” updates if you don’t believe me.) The problem is that I also know that there is no denying reality. What’s real is often very different from what we wished or hoped that it would be. Yes, a painful truth but I accept it. However, even with that knowledge, I still dare to dream. It puts me in bad predicaments and weird situations that wouldn’t make sense to most people. Believe me when I say that I’ve known heartache, pain and loss that might have killed other people. The beautiful thing is that I survived it. I’m over it, I’m free of it and most importantly, it’s impossible for me to go through it again. I believe in people now, just as much as I’ve always believed in them. I won’t change that because of anyone. Why should I hold onto woes that other people inflicted? Wouldn’t that sort of mean that they still held power over the direction of my life? No thanks. I’m good. I’ve lost too many friends to death for me NOT to know what life is worth.

Of course, at some point, or maybe MANY different points, for the rest of my life, there will definitely be disappointments. I don’t have control over that because I don’t have control over what OTHER people do. Even if I could have control over others, I wouldn’t want it. Love is probably the most complicated emotion while being the most simple. It drives so many of our other feelings that it’s almost like the source of our souls. And, lucky me, it’s the emotion I struggle with the most. It makes no sense at all but then it makes all the sense in the world when it’s right. My heart is usually at odds with my mind and somewhere in-between I have to maintain control of my sex drive. LOL For me, it is way too complicated and I’ve given up on ever understanding it. Instead, I let it rock when the feeling takes me and let whatever happens happen. When I need a break from it, I’ve evolved with age and developed a defense mechanism. When it becomes too much of a strain, it’s like there’s a natural Novocain that runs through my veins and makes me numb until it all makes sense again. That’s the best I can do to get through.

6 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 3, 2011

6 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 3, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today.

1. An owl will deliver my invitation to Hogwarts School of Magic and Wizardry

2. Ten minutes later, I will also get my acceptance letter to Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters

3. I will punch the Juggernaut in the face and put him on his ass while yelling, “I’M THE GULLY GOD BITCH!!!!!”

4. Morpheous will contact me while I’m typing this and tell me to follow the white rabbit. (Since Neo’s dead, he believes that I’m the new “ONE”)

5. This Bacardi bat that I was staring at earlier will fly away.

6. The Dos Equis man will announce that I will inherit his lifestyle, considering that I’m the second most interesting man in the world.

Now, that would make for a pretty awesome day.........See you guys tomorrow with a new list of impossible things. LOL

***Novels By Keith Kareem Williams***

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 2, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 2, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today. (SPECIAL: AFTER THE PARTY EDITION!!!!!!!!!!)

1. The drinks will absolutely NOT flow like a river when my team is in the building!

2. My team will NOT dance, party and keep the spot live!

3. The pretty girls WON’T dance with us.

4. My female friends will not get dudes to buy THEM drinks & then pass them to US.

5. I will wake up with a hangover. (Impossible, no amount of liquor has EVER been able to finish me!)

6. I will have an awkward moment (Only if I was curious to see what one felt like)

7. I’ll NOT have a feel for the right things to say, in the right moment to get you to smile.

Friday, July 1, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 1, 2011

7 IMPOSSIBLE THINGS for July 1, 2011

BY Keith Kareem Williams

Every morning as I wash my face, I think of at least 6 impossible things. Here’s my list for today.

1. I will sell 10 million copies in the next three hours instead of over the next 3 years

2. I will turn every awesome thought into a novel

3. Instead of 24, there will be 48 hours in a day

4. Everyone that says that they’re my friend will really be sincere

5. Monkeys will admit that they’re able to talk but just didn’t want to talk to us!

6. Simultaneously, the entire world will understand me.

7. I’ll be surprised by something someone tells me today

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