Thursday, December 5, 2019

Writing “Time Doesn’t Stop for Broken Clocks” Part 1: From Singularity to Trinity

Writing “Time Doesn’t Stop for Broken Clocks”
Part 1: From Singularity to Trinity

Well, well, well….as I write even more and more of this story, it really has evolved into WAY MORE than what I originally intended…and that is a GREAT thing. About a week ago, I realized that I’m going to have to seriously update the synopsis I wrote for the back cover. (See? THAT is EXACTLY why I try to wait until I’m almost finished with a book to write one.) What I bleed onto these pages is almost always fluid and changes often.

Originally, I intended to write about the struggle between two central characters who were trying desperately to love each other without fear stopping them the way it had in the past. However, as is the case with most stories, a few more characters crashed the party with voices so loud that I couldn’t ignore them. They deserved and demanded to be heard in such a way that I had no choice but to make them a part of the story. They belonged in it and now that I’ve added them, it is THEIR story as much as it was the story of the two characters I started out with. I haven’t leaked much of the book yet so I know that this isn’t making a ton of sense so, let me explain.

Years ago, when I first started writing this book, Gracia was the main focus of Keon’s hopes and desires. He desperately wanted her in his life and the book was going to be about him trying to convince her just how much he loved her. As I wrote the story, another woman named Georgia appeared on the pages very early on which let me know that she was MEANT to be there. I haven’t even written the chapter where another character named Sadiya makes HER first appearance but I feel her approaching. She has a powerful presence so I know that she BELONGS on these pages. Her character binds, balances and grounds the whole story. So, I went from having one heroine/love interest to having THREE. (And NO…it didn’t evolve that way to provide unnecessary drama or to gift the male protagonist with a harem of his own.) I asked myself WHY this happened and it didn’t take long for me to figure it out.

Those of you who’ve read a decent chunk of my body of work already know how the events that unfold on my pages are either metaphors for real life OR, laced with metaphors I use as poetic devices to make sense out of real life. I asked myself why I had shifted from writing about one female protagonist linked powerfully to the male protagonist to making the story much more complicated with TWO more. Each of the three women are different from each other in certain ways but, there are qualities that they share that make them warped fun house mirror reflections of each other. That’s when I realized that, even though I’ve been writing DIFFERENT women on these pages...metaphorically...those three individual women represent the SAME woman at different stages of her personal growth and evolution. That revelation and realization was so profound for me that I haven’t stopped writing since.

I can’t wait to give you my latest offering from my heart and soul, translated by my pen.

*** See you soon with some free-styled fiction to keep you reading while I continue to work on all of these new books. ***

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