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Writer Wednesday featuring Teresa D. Patterson

Good day guys and welcome to another edition of "Writer Wednesday." Today I'll be featuring a good friend of mine who is not only extremely talented but has also been consistently supportive of my movement. Through many of the tough stretches that I go through as a full-time author, she's been there for me to give her advice and encouragement. As a full-time author herself, she understands what i go through and how difficult it can be for me sometimes. I can always count on her to share information and opportunities. Basically, what I'm saying is that she's awesome. I hope you read about her and then show her some love. 

Teresa D. Patterson

Author, blogger, entrepreneur and proofreader


Teresa D. Patterson is known for writing books in the urban fiction genre that are filled with steamy sex scenes and tons of drama. She also writes erotica, romance, and young adult fiction.

The writer inside Patterson emerged when she was in the fifth grade. Her spelling teacher would have the students choose a title and construct a story that they'd have to read in front of the class. Patterson's stories captivated the class, and they would excitedly anticipate what she would come up with the following week.

Even though Patterson had poetry and short stories published over the years, she didn't become a published fiction author until 2005. Consequently, she learned not to deal with vanity presses and unknown publishers. In 2009, she felt it was time to take her writing career in her own hands and formed Edit Again Publications to self-publish her works.

Patterson has written twenty-three novels. Some of her popular titles are, Project Queen, The Real Hood Wives of St. Pete., They Call Me Mr. G-Spot, and Ex-boyfriend. A Bitter Pill to Swallow, was co-authored with thriller, suspense, and crime novelist, Keith Gaston. Patterson's latest release is All of Me Loves All of You.

Patterson lives in Florida, which is the setting for most of her novels. She has three children.


Stacia nodded at Vanessa and went back to braiding her client’s hair. She would be there all night and that was fine with her. She couldn’t stand her living situation at the moment. She just needed to have patience. With only eight hundred dollars in her checking account, she couldn’t really afford to move from her mother’s house just yet. She would try to give it another two months and save every cent she made, but it was getting harder and harder to put up with her mother’s rage.
This morning had been a prime example. She’d left the twins alone long enough to go take a shower and when she’d returned, her mother was giving her the look.
“Stacia, I was kind enough to let you bring your ass back here and to bring your little bastards with you. But I’m not going to tolerate them fucking up my shit,” she snapped, holding out a tube of red lipstick. “That little trifling bitch wrote on my damn wall with this lipstick. What are you going to do about it?”
“I’ll clean it up, Mama. I’m sorry.” Stacia began to tremble inside with fear. Once Grace got crunk up, there would be no stopping her. “I’m sorry,” she apologized again.
“Yes, that you are,” Grace spat, her eyes slanting. “You’re a sorry piece of shit.” Her right hand came up and she proceeded to repeatedly slap Stacia in her face until she was satisfied she’d gotten her point across. “Don’t let it happen again. Keep your little monsters in line,” she hissed. “I shouldn’t have to look after them. They’re yours, not mine.”
“Okay, Mama. I will,” Stacia sobbed, holding her stinging jaw. “I’m sorry.”
“Get out of my sight before I go upside your head again,” Grace growled.
Stacia rushed into the bedroom that she shared with her children. She hurriedly wiped away the tears so they wouldn’t see them. However, they could pick up on the feeling that something was wrong. Both of them went over to their mother and gave her a hug.
“Is grandma mad again?” Titianna asked.
“She’s always mad,” Terry said. “Mama, why do Grandma hate us? What did we do?”
When Stacia stared down into her children’s sad faces, she couldn’t stop the tears from trickling down her cheeks. She didn’t know why Grace Watkins hated her children, but she did know why her mother hated her.


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Friday, July 8, 2016


I don't often speak about my personal life on here. I don't like to...and I don't feel the need to. I write books but, I don't like turning my life into a reality show to be consumed by anyone scrolling through my timeline. I HAVE to say this though. I thank the Most High for the gift he gave me to express myself with words on paper. I write these to share with you but many of the things I write are for ME. When I zone out, and write my thoughts on paper...I'm able to do that uninterrupted. I don't have simple thoughts, so it takes me a while to fully express how I I feel, or what I think. those of you who enjoy my books have come to love the complexity of the maze that I take you through to express something as simple and common as love. Unfortunately for me, I've never really met anyone who fully understands who I am as a person. (The ones who have come close...I love the most) I look at the way that the movie that is my life has played out. I've met so many talkers who need desperately to unload how they feel, felt or are feeling. I listen. Maybe that's why they gravitate to me. Sadly, I've never met many nurturing listeners, and that's where things go awry. I get frustrated when people make incorrect assumptions about my motives, actions, or feelings. It's more painful than I can find words to describe. I've let go of situations after I realize that this would not change. So, you see...there's a peacefulness to me writing my thoughts down on paper....where I can speak freely and whoever looks at the words are forced to listen. I'm not a perfect person but, I've never done anything in my life out of spite. There have been times when I could have hurt people, deeply....and chose not to. Sometimes I wonder what it's all for when people will demonize you anyway. Then, I remember the gifts that the Most High has given me. My life is not perfect but, it's better than it was. Every day it gets better than it has been. I've always said that "I define me!" I'm just a man trying to do the best that I can. Not everyone will understand me. Not everyone will understand that. Some people are blind because they can only see the world through the prism that they hold up against their own eye, as their own emotions and feelings swirl around inside of it and strip away their empathy, hiding their faults and what they've brought on themselves. People often ask me about relationships and what's personally going on in my life. The great love of my life is a girl from the Bronx that I don't even speak to anymore, 75% because of my own fears and foolishness. There was another from Corona Queens but, I chose someone else over her at a time when I wasn't supposed to. There is another that is so far away that what we had always felt like a fairytale. (See? I'm as imperfect as they come.) I loved them because in their eyes, I could see that they not only listened....but they "Heard me." Many of the things I write in my books, the deep sentiment about love...are tributes to them. On these pages I can how I feel...uninterrupted.