Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Writer Wednesday Featuring KR Bankston

For the final "Writer Wednesday feature of 2014, I'll be introducing my good friend KR Bankston to you guys. Take a moment to check out her work. she truly is one of the best doing it.

KR Bankston is originally from Tallahassee, FL and has been writing for years creating several poems, short stories and inspirational plays, before finally venturing into a full-length novel and the commercial publishing realm. KR currently has 24 books in publication, with more soon to come. KR is the Owner/CEO of Kirabaco Publishing.

KR is the Author of The Gianni Legacy; which includes A Deadly Encounter, Sins of the Father, and Smoke & Mirrors, with a fourth installment coming soon. KR is also the author of the Thin Ice serial, an ambitious 12-part serial of full length novels being introduced episode by episode. Episodes one through ten are available now, with the serial scheduled to wrap in November 2012.  KR is also a contributing author in Crossroads: An Anthology, the cutting edge compilation to change the face of anthologies.

When not writing, KR Bankston is an avid Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons football fan, and Miami Heat, basketball fan. KR is currently in the process of writing a new novel and introducing another new series.

You can find the Author on the following networks:

Kirabaco Publishing
P.O. Box 500072
Atlanta, GA  31150

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Introducing Kayla Dawn Thomas

Hey there folks. Today I'd like to introduce you guys to a very talented author and a wonderful lady, Kayla Dawn Thomas. After you finish reading, please click on her links and show her some love. You won't be disappointed.

Arriving at her parents’ house for an impromptu visit, Jenna Ray gets her own surprise when she finds her father lip locked with a strange woman. Then, her brother-in-law defiles her sister’s car with a waitress in a parking lot. Jenna Ray snaps the night she discovers her mentor with his receptionist wrapped around his waist and proceeds to dump the guy in nothing but his boxers at his wife’s feet.
Discovering her hidden talent to seduce, Jenna walks away from her IT career and reinvents herself as a vigilante seeking justice for women who are too tired and hurt to stand up for themselves. Jenna never misses her man, until she comes up against the sexy, unfaithful ad executive, Steven Benson, who leaves her frustrated, humiliated, and losing herself in an unexpected pair of brilliant, blue eyes.
Narrow Miss is the first in the Jenna Ray Series, and Kayla Dawn Thomas’s second published work. Her first novel, Swept Up released in April 2014.
A storyteller all of her life, before she knew how to write, Kayla told tales to a jump rope. Thankfully that stage ended once she learned how to work a pencil. Now she’s blessed to be able to write full time.
Always a romantic, Kayla managed to marry her high school sweetheart. She and her husband have a very bright, active eight-year-old daughter. Her Olde English Bulldogge, Norm, keeps her company in her office.

When not writing or being mom, you can most likely find Kayla in a cozy spot with a good book and a glass of wine. 
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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Excerpt War Angel III - Chapter 15 "The Red Woman"

Good afternoon folks. As I promised, here's another raw, unedited sample from "War Angel III: Catalina." After reading this, you'll see why it falls under the "Reem After Dark Presents..." category. Melody Adler is a new character that I introduce in the last book of the trilogy. On the pages that I've written so far, I've enjoyed her interaction with Paulo. You'll have to read the novel when I finish it to see what role she plays in the scheme of things. Enjoy and as always, feel free to leave comments or feedback.

The Red Woman

Melody Adler buried her face in the pillow and nearly ripped the black satin pillowcase with her teeth as she bit down to muffle the sound of her own screams. With her face down,  ass up and back arched, she was on the edge of losing her mind as her body was overwhelmed with sensations of pain and pleasure at the same time. Behind her, Paulo thrust himself deep inside her and touched her in all of the right places like no other lover ever had in her entire life. She looked back over her shoulder and saw that his expression was stoic and unchanging, as if his features were not flesh but instead carved in stone. He never moaned, grunted sighed or made any sound to let her know whether or not he enjoyed the sex as much as she did but somehow, that excited her. She knew that he may have believed that he was in complete control because of the way he always physically dominated her during their sordid encounters but in her mind, she was the master. She believed that she commanded him to please her in every way she liked with every dirty phrase she whispered.
Despite his silence, Paulo greatly enjoyed Melody’s tight body, her enthusiasm and her unquenchable, burning lust. He definitely did not love her in a traditional sense but there were things that he definitely liked. There was a bravery about her that he had seen in very few women in his life. He made most of his lovers nervous but she always boldly sought his company and rushed into his cold embrace with reckless abandon. Part of it might have also been that she was the only redhead that he had ever been with. Most of his conquests had been brunettes. Every now and then he had a blondes as a treat, a welcome change of flavor. The color of Melody’s hair and the way her cheeks flushed whenever they had sex excited him. He also liked the way she fucked. He reached forward to grab a handful of her hair as she moaned for him to penetrate her harder and deeper. Visually, he imagined that he thrust his brown hand into the flames of the sun as he gripped her red locks. He performed as she requested, intensified his stroke and listened to her holler in ecstasy. He used his subtle gift during sex the same way he had in every other interaction in his life. His supernatural intuition allowed him to give the red woman everything she liked, exactly how and where she liked it. The harder he pulled her hair was the more she seemed to enjoy it. His lover loved it rough and intense so that is what he gave her, an experience that no one else could ever match. That was how he sexually enslaved her.

After every orgasm, Melody seemed as if she died and then was reborn like a phoenix that threatened to set Paulo’s bedroom on fire.

****NOTE: Yes, I know the text said "black satin pillowcase" but I couldn't find an image that matched that so the sheets and pillowcase in the photo are white. Blah!**** 

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