Friday, September 11, 2015

First Preview of "Death in the City"

Good morning guys. I'm about to head over to the post office to ship the autographed books that readers ordered but, before I go, I thought I'd post the 1st sample from "Death in the City." Here are just a few lines from the beginning of the book but I know that a lot of you are dying to read a piece of what I've been working on. Enjoy.

“I’ve always disliked the big cities the most because most of those I come to collect see my face after hard lives that ended in sad and very undignified deaths. People in quieter parts of this place died much more peacefully, absent the panic, desperation or the infernal stench of regrets. A simple life often ends in a tranquil passing. Those who dwell in the sprawling Gothams die slowly and painfully under the crushing weight of their struggles in the shadows of their skyscrapers, choking on the fumes of their overpopulated homes. They fight to feel important while drowning in a sea of people who mostly won’t be remembered two generations after the time I claim them. Great-grandparents become all photographs that future generations hardly look at an old bones engraves that no one will visit.

I observe their lives and wonder if it would be more merciful and they were never given this mortal life to live at all. They live in constant fear of the finality that I represent because once they are gone, it won’t be long before it is as if they never existed. So, before their lips meet mind for their final kiss, they do everything in their power to leave a mortal footprints. I often wonder if they even realize how little any of it matters.” Death

Chapter 1

He studies everything as she sleeps, hypnotized by the way the first narrow beams of the early morning sunshine seeps through the thin gaps in the blinds to kiss her for head. Smiles when her pretty toes slipped out from under the warm blanket she was wrapped in so snugly. His honest words, supported by his actions and the way he makes her feel when he is inside her are the different ways he speaks. She is the first and only woman that not only listens but truly hears him. Being with her makes his world feel complete. Every flaw that defines her, every imperfection that makes her unique and every feminine curve of her body are why he loves her so passionately. All of those things combined with the beauty of her mind inspire him to reach for higher heights in life instead of getting pulled down by everything else yet been forced to face. She sighs in her sleep and he swears that he has never heard a sweeter sound. If the entire world was on fire, he would cover her with his own body and hold her close, just so that he would burn first. He loves her enough to die for her and for the first time in his life, he doesn’t feel cursed.
At that exact moment, while Troy was lost staring at her, Sade opened her eyes and smiled because she could feel him standing over her. She turned her face towards him and for her, in that moment, him being there was all that mattered.
“How long have you been standing there?” Sade asked, her voice still hoarse and raspy.
“Not long,” Troy answered softly, trying his best to mute his deep and rumbling voice.
Sade outstretched her hand to touch the course stubble on his cheek to beckon him to lean in closely so that they could kiss. She didn’t care about her morning breath as she breathed a sigh of relief to see him home in one piece. She always worried whenever he was gone all night.

Copyright © 2015 Keith Kareem Williams
All rights reserved.

I hope you enjoyed the Prologue and the tiny sample of Chapter 1. Stay tuned because there is a lot more to come. 

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