Tuesday, September 18, 2018

"Kiss Me Before You Say Goodnight" Chapter 15

On a rainy day here in Brooklyn, I figured I'd share a sexy sample chapter from my latest. Enjoy...

Summer Rain

nce again, I sat waiting in the same park across the street from Andressa’s apartment building but this time, it was dark and completely deserted. There were no joggers, no nannies pushing strollers, no kids hanging out and there wasn’t much light. The park was officially closed to the public after sunset as per the sign posted on the gate at the entrance. The moonlight and the soft glow cast by the street lamps outside the borders of the park were the only reason it wasn’t pitch black all around me as I sat in the shadows of the tall trees that towered over me. The air was humid and damp, as if the sky was ready to burst with a heavy downpour of rain. It had started to drizzle off and on but the showers were light, nothing that required shelter or even an umbrella.
My watch read eleven fifty-nine when I saw the shapely silhouette of a woman in a very short dress walking towards me. The glittery, shimmery black fabric was dazzling as the moonlight’s glow danced and reflected off of it. My heart quickened as she drew closer with a graceful, sultry stride in her black, designer high-heel shoes. Only when she got really close to me did I see that the soles were blood red, the same shade as the fancy clutch she carried tucked under her arm. The spaghetti straps on the low cut dress showed off her delicate, smooth, toned shoulders and her cleavage was so deep that it nearly exposed her bra-less breasts. I don’t even know what kind of magic, witchcraft or fashion-technology she used to keep her nipples from slipping out. Suddenly, I felt underdressed in my sneakers, white T-shirt and grey sweatpants.
“Goodnight handsome,” Andressa greeted me with one hand on her hip as she stood in front of me. She was sexy, stunning and red carpet-ready.
“Going out partying tonight?” I asked as I was hypnotized by the way her dress hugged her body in ways that made it easy to imagine what she looked like naked.
“Yes, something like that,” she answered and as she bent over to kiss me, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her big, soft, voluptuous breasts. I lowered my eyes slowly to look at her legs.
“You’re on time tonight,” I said as I checked my watch to stop myself from staring at her thighs because if I didn’t, I’d be consumed by thoughts of burying my face between them. I already couldn’t stop myself from thinking about what she tasted like. Her sweetness was bliss and impossible to resist. I wondered if she noticed the growing bulge in the front of my sweats.
“You sound surprised,” she said.
“I thought you might keep me waiting, or maybe not even come at all,” I answered.
“Well, here I am,” Andressa sighed a weary sigh and then smiled at me.
“So, what we spoke about earlier…have you decided?” I asked.
Andressa didn’t answer me. Instead, she put her clutch down beside me on the bench. Then, she leaned down to me, gently held my face in her hands and planted a soft, tender kiss on my lips. I was confused, not sure if it was a goodbye kiss or, maybe something else. As she backed away and stared into my eyes, she looked frightened so I grabbed her by the arm, pulled her face close to mine and kissed her, passionately.
Andressa slipped her hand under my T-shirt. Her touch was soft and gentle as she raked her manicured nails down my chest and then my stomach. My skin tingled as sexual energy passed between us, like electricity through a battery. I felt her hand slip past the waistband of my sweatpants and then down my boxer briefs. When she grabbed me by my thick shaft, she didn’t need to stroke it. I was already ready but she still squat down in front of me to pull it out and kiss it.
I looked around to make sure that we were still alone as she started to lick it slowly. She made sure that from the very tip down the entire length of it was soaking wet before she hopped in my lap and straddled me. While I grabbed two handfuls of her big, juicy, soft ass, she reached down, slipped her thin panties to the side and guided me inside her, slowly. She gasped once the head was in and then took her time to take the rest.
“Fuck,” I said when I felt how warm and wet she was.
“You’re in trouble now,” she whispered in my ear before she started kissing my neck.
I pulled her short, tight dress all the way up to her waist. At that point, I didn’t care if someone accidentally came across us and saw what we were doing. Any random passerby would just have to be shocked and appalled, or simply keep quiet and enjoy the view as Andressa rode me cowgirl-style with her expensive heels on.
I was ready to explode from the first stroke after she took me inside her but I was able to control myself to last longer than even she expected. I suppose it must have been mind over overwhelming lust because I was feeling greedy that evening. If she was trying to tell me goodbye for good in her own way, I wanted to take as much of her as she would let me have before we parted ways forever.
One of her breasts had slipped completely out of her dress, exposing her round, brown areola and stiff nipple. I pulled her close to me so that I could suck on it. She grabbed my head and freed her other breast so I could give it the same intense, affectionate attention. The sky above us suddenly lit up in a bright, electric-blue flash and a few seconds later, there was a loud crack of thunder that was so strong that it set off all of the car alarms of the vehicles that were parked on the street outside the park. What followed was a sudden, heavy downpour that had us soaked in seconds but we didn’t stop. We didn’t care. We didn’t slow down. It was like making love in the shower with our clothes on as relentless torrents of rain washed down on us.
The sudden thunderstorm only lasted a few minutes and was finished before we were. Completely drenched and out of breath, Andressa bit my shoulder and started to ride with less intensity. She began to grind slowly on my penis as it pulsed and throbbed inside her.
“I’m cumming,” she moaned.
I gripped her waist firmly with both hands and thrust upwards to give her hard, deep strokes as she came all over me. She collapsed onto me and put her head on my chest. She was satisfied but I wasn’t, not yet.
Andressa climbed off of me and started to fix her dress but I wasn’t done with her. I wanted much more. She looked shocked when I grabbed her and bent her over. She gripped the park bench firmly and looked back at me with a look of disbelief and nervous anticipation. I spanked her butt, got down and then buried my face between her cheeks. She smelled like coconut oil and sweet perfume. I pulled her panties to the side and she squealed with pleasure when she felt my tongue as I tasted her cum. She even wiggled her butt to playfully tease me. I ate her from behind until she came again but I was still feeling greedy and I still wasn’t done with her.
When I stood up, I dragged her panties down around her ankles and then grabbed a handful of her hair. I and slapped both of her butt cheeks before I shoved every inch of my penis that would fit, deep inside her.
“Oh my god!” she screamed so loud that her voice echoed through the entire empty park. “Yes!” she moaned and I could tell that she loved the way I was being rough. She hadn’t expected that.
She sounded like she was being murdered when I started to pound her from behind. We were like two wild animals, feral and unconcerned about getting caught in public having sex out in the open for anyone to see. It was the first time in my life I had done anything so reckless and it felt amazing. The way my blood pumped adrenaline through my body made me high. The way Andressa’s ass clapped and bounced as she threw it back on me made me a savage. It was the best sex I had ever had and when I eventually climaxed, I came harder than the rain showers had. I purposely made a sticky, creamy mess of both her cheeks and accidentally got some on the back of her shimmery cocktail dress.
Andressa took a few seconds to catch her breath before she straightened up and turned around to look at me. For a moment, we stared at each other like strangers, as if we had never been intimate before. With her panties still down around her ankles, she took a step forward, towards me awkwardly and stumbled but I caught her in my arms. She looked up at me and then kissed me passionately until we were both out of breath. We kissed like lovers who might never see each other again and I fell even deeper under her spell. Her plump lips and her nimble tongue were just as sexy as the rest of her. I became drunk off of her vibe and she made me feel alive.
“Can I come back to your place?” she asked as she pulled her panties up after we parted lips. “I’m supposed to be somewhere and I can’t go there like this. Thanks to you, I’m a mess,” she said with a mischievous smirk.
“Of course,” I answered without hesitation. I was thirsty for every extra moment I could spend with her.
We hurried out of the park together and were fortunate enough to flag down a cab quickly. I figured that Andressa might have wanted to come over to my place because there was a good chance that Courtney was back in town, maybe even upstairs at her apartment. She must have been worried about us getting caught together again. Whatever the reason, I couldn’t stop thinking about how she still hadn’t given me an answer about what I had hinted at earlier in the day when we first met in the park. That troubled me but I didn’t bring it up during the cab ride over to my apartment. In fact, we didn’t speak much at all on the way. We cuddled cozily in silence in the back of the taxi and enjoyed each other’s company. Something had changed and we felt more connected.

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Monday, September 3, 2018

Should Have, Could Have, Would Have

Should Have…been me and you against everybody else and everything that tried to stop us from being happy. It should have been me trusting you and you trusting me but with all the complications it seems like it was impossible for us to just be. Should have seen a little bit deeper because just the small taste of what we should have been is still sweet.

Could Have…been the type of thing that made other people jealous. Could have been the type of vibe that made other people smile because it could have given them hope that the real thing still exists and is still possible to have. It could have been the type of thing that kept us both satisfied without the lies and fake smiles because it could have been real. It could have worked if we had just let it happen without worrying about how it would have felt if it didn’t work out because…it could have been exactly what we’ve both been starving for.

Would Have…been something that lasted forever because I didn’t want anybody else but YOU, and everything I ever told you was all true. We would have built something good, something solid and I would have loved you until our last days. I would have hoped that when we got old, I would have died before you because there was no way I would have been able to live without you.
Should have, could have, would have been the type of love that they write books about.
(I wonder if it’s too late to try again?)