Monday, September 3, 2018

Should Have, Could Have, Would Have

Should Have…been me and you against everybody else and everything that tried to stop us from being happy. It should have been me trusting you and you trusting me but with all the complications it seems like it was impossible for us to just be. Should have seen a little bit deeper because just the small taste of what we should have been is still sweet.

Could Have…been the type of thing that made other people jealous. Could have been the type of vibe that made other people smile because it could have given them hope that the real thing still exists and is still possible to have. It could have been the type of thing that kept us both satisfied without the lies and fake smiles because it could have been real. It could have worked if we had just let it happen without worrying about how it would have felt if it didn’t work out because…it could have been exactly what we’ve both been starving for.

Would Have…been something that lasted forever because I didn’t want anybody else but YOU, and everything I ever told you was all true. We would have built something good, something solid and I would have loved you until our last days. I would have hoped that when we got old, I would have died before you because there was no way I would have been able to live without you.
Should have, could have, would have been the type of love that they write books about.
(I wonder if it’s too late to try again?)    

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