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Muse - Volume 2

Muse – Volume 2

By Keith Kareem Williams

This is the exact quote from the dedication page from 
"Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls."

I look up and see her face in the rain. I hear her voice in the sound of the water hitting the ground. That’s what it feels like when someone inspires me. I know a lot of people and I consider a few of them true friends. My muse is something totally different from everything and everyone else. Not everyone can inspire me. In fact, me being an author, I’ve found that very few can supply me with the type of energy that opens up my mind. That quality is so rare that I crave it. It’s not something that a person can learn to do for me. It’s one of those things that either is…or it isn’t. Just like most things that can’t be explained, that’s just the way it works. Believe me, if I could change it I would, but I can’t, so I don’t even engage in that exercise in futility. Words of encouragement help me to maintain the healthy belief in what I’m doing but only a special kind of inspiration can connect my mind, my spirit and my pen. My muse does that without even trying, so effortlessly that I’m afraid of the power she has over me. Words that she said to me long ago still linger and sometimes wake me up at night. They might as well be tattooed on my skin. If after all of this time, that type of influence still holds sway over my creativity, I would call that magic. It feels good to know that that type of thing still exists.

Whenever I mention my muse, many people have mistakenly assumed that I was referring to them when I was really talking about her. The funny thing is, she’s never taken credit, or jumped to claim the title. Somewhere, she might be smiling to know that her presence still lingers. Even if she isn’t, it’s here all the same. Just as the words inked on the pages of my books are forever, she is also immortal…my immortal, because of the effect she’s had on me. She has always been my secret, although I’ve left clues in plain view here and there. To make it obvious has always felt like it would spoil it, whatever it is. I leave pieces of my own soul in all of my books for the whole world to read. Between those lines are the moments she has crossed my mind but those parts can only be seen by me. 

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Writer Wednesday- "Spin Cycle" by Teresa D Patterson

For this week's "Writer Wednesday" I decided to feature one novel in particular. Take time to read the excerpt and enjoy. The purpose of these Wednesday features is to give extra exposure to authors who I truly believe in. Remember to show love and support to the independent authors that I showcase. I truly appreciate it.

An evening of doing laundry turns into pleasure and chaos for middle school teacher, Greta Stevenson and principal, Austin Johnson. When Austin makes a comment about her thong, Greta blushes in embarrassment, but secretly, she’s turned on. The more she thinks about Austin, the hotter she gets. Betrayed by her hormones, she finds herself in an uncompromising position on top of a washing machine. While in the throes of passion, the two have no idea their act has been been caught on tape.

The videotape falls into the sinister hands of Larry Newsome, another teacher. Since he has a sick obsession for Greta, he tries to use the footage as a way to get her into his bed. He also attempts to blackmail Austin who he considers a weak “pretty boy.”

Austin and Greta devise a plan to get the infamous videotape back. When Larry is confronted by Austin and a dangerous woman from his past, will the situation spin out of control?


Greta arrived at the school at little after seven o’clock. That would give them plenty of time to discuss whatever Mr. Johnson had to talk about. The children weren’t supposed to arrive on the school’s grounds until 8:15 AM, but she saw a few already sitting out front.
   “Good morning,” she greeted. She always made it a point to speak to every child she encountered. You never knew just how much a smile or a kind word could make a child’s day.
   “Hey, Mrs. Stevenson.” She recognized Jamisha, the student that dressed inappropriately and came out the mouth wrong with her the day before. An older woman with a two-toned hairdo stood next to her, frowning deeply.
   Lord, please don’t let my morning start off with a ghetto-style brawl, she prayed silently. She didn’t want to come up out her high heels and use one. But, she would if she had to. She surveyed the other semi-large woman. She could probably take her down. Most ghetto chicks were all talk and no action anyway.
   “Hi, Jamisha. How are you, this morning?” Jamisha rolled her eyes. “And how are you?” she greeted the woman.
   “I’m jus’ fine. I’m Ms. Bethune. Jamisha’s mama. Now, Misha tells me dat you sent her out ya class ‘cause of what she was wearin’ yesterday. I wanna know what she had on.”
   “I already told you, Mama,” Jamisha whined.
   “Shut ya mouth girl. I am talkin’ to ya teacher,” Ms. Bethune hissed.
   “Well, she was wearing a half shirt. The school’s policy informs that tank tops or half shirts aren’t allowed. Had she put on a jacket, as I suggested, I wouldn’t have sent her out of the classroom. It’s just that, wearing something so revealing can be distracting to the other students,” she explained to the obviously irate woman who glared at her.
   The woman’s neck turned so fast Gerta thought she might have caused whiplash. “A fuckin’ half shirt?” she yelled at her daughter. “What da fuck you come up in school wearin’ some shit like dat fuh?” The mama chastised.
   “Mama, I’ll wear whatever I wanna wear.”
   “See, you lucky dis teacher standin’ here. ‘Cause if she wasn’t, I’d beat ya ass down where you stand. I ain’t raisin’ no damn tramp. You supposed to wear the clothes that I buy fuh ya ass. I didn’t buy no fuckin’ half shirts.”
   “I didn’t say you did.” Jamisha sucked air through her teeth and rolled her eyes again.
   “Gurl.” Ms. Bethune drew back her hand and that’s when Greta felt it was best to intervene.
   “Ms. Bethune, don’t.” She quickly stepped between mother and daughter. “Obviously there’s a communication break down between yourself and your daughter. However, getting upset in public is never a good idea. Perhaps it’s best that you discuss this private matter at home,” she suggested.
   “Ain’t nothin’ to discuss. She gonna do what da fuck I say do. She gonna go to school to learn and not to pick up nasty ass boys. All dey want is what’s between ya legs anyways.” She pushed her daughter’s forehand with her index finger.
   “Don’t mama me. Shit, how da hell you think I got five kids now? Men tell one lie afta a fuckin’ nother one to get ya stuff. You don’t wanna have no kid. Raisin’ kids ain’t no damn joke. I’m tryin’ to keep you from goin’ thru the shit I go through erry day.”
   “You don’t go through nothin’. I’m the one got to babysit all the time,” Jamisha grumbled. “Besides, I ain’t even doin’ nothin’,” she griped.
   “And you won’t if I can help it. You got me comin’ up here all upset, ‘bout to go off on dis lady and all she tryin’ to do is tell you right from wrong.” She turned an apologetic look toward Greta. “My bad ma’am. Dis gurl is jus’ fast. Thank God the res’ of my kids is boys.”
   Greta smiled slightly. She couldn’t fathom having five kids. Hell, she didn’t think she’d ever have that many unless she pushed out quintuplets.
“Ms. Bethune, I understand your concern. However, Jamisha is one of my most promising students.” Greta could see the girl’s eyes light up and the angry look left her face. “Do you know that she scored the highest in the whole classroom on the FCAT test in reading?”
“Nah, I didn’t know dat. Is dat so?” Her face seemed to lose some of its irritation.
“Yes, it certainly is. Jamisha is also an incredible writer. She’s extremely talented.”
“I knew she liked to write and thangs. She always readin’ too. I jus’ don’t like huh choice of books. Zane. Dat woman is too graphic. No teenager ain’t got no business readin’ dat. Now, myself, I like readin’ some Eric Jerome Dickey.”
“Yep. Sho nuff. I buy erry one of his books. He sho nuff can write for a man, and he is fine too.” Her eyes narrowed as though she saw something she wanted really badly. “But not half as fine as dat nigga comin’ dis way.” She put her hands on her hip and just gawked. Girlfriend didn’t have any shame in her game.
Greta turned in the direction of Ms. Bethune’s gaze. Principal Johnson. For a second her heart rate increased. She quickly composed herself.
“Good morning Principal Johnson,” she said calmly as he approached.
“Good morning, ladies. How are you this fine morning?” The man was pure charismatic. It was plain to see that Ms. Bethune was smitten.
“You’re the principal?” Her eyes said, “Damn.
“Yes, I am. And you are?”
“I’m Brenda Bethune, Jamisha’s mother.” The woman extended a hand with long acrylic nails. Of all designs, she had President Obama and his wife on the thumbs. Now, if that didn’t take the cake, Greta didn’t know what did.
Damn, look at how fast that bitch switched from ghetto queen to sophisticated lady, Greta thought dryly.
“I’m pleased to meet you.” Austin threw her a dazzling smile that enhanced his dimples.
“The pleasure is all mine,” Ms. Bethune drooled. “I was just speaking with Miss – er, I didn’t get your name.”
“Stevenson. Mrs. Stevenson,” she answered with a tight smile.
“I was just speaking with Mrs. Stevenson regarding Jamisha’s behavior yesterday. She was out of line and it definitely will not happen again. You have my word on that.”
“I’m happy to hear that Ms. Bethune. It takes a village.” He threw out the cliché with another dazzling smile.
“Well, I have to get to work. If there are any further problems, don’t hesitate to call me.” She stared directly at Mr. Johnson when she said the last part.
“You have a good day ma’am.” He was just eating up the attention while Greta silently burned with annoyance.
“You too,” she purred. “Oh, and you too,” she added for Greta’s sake.
Bitch please. “You do the same.” Greta wanted to roll her eyes, but she just smiled sweetly.
“Mrs. Stevenson, I’ll be ready to meet with you in a minute. If you want, you can wait for me in my office. I have to make my rounds,” Austin said.
He showed no indication that he had anything but business on his mind. It was as though yesterday evening had never occurred. For some reason, Greta felt slightly disappointed.
“I’ll put on the coffee,” she said, walking off briskly.

Spin Cycle can be purchased from the following websites:

Author Teresa D. Patterson

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Writer Wednesday - Author Phoenix C. Brown

Allow me to introduce you to Phoenix C. Brown, this week's featured author for "Writer Wednesday." I truly enjoy the passion and deep emotions that flow through her work.

Author Phoenix C. Brown

Phoenix C. Brown is the author of two contemporary fiction novels, Beautifully Imperfect and All that Matters in the End and two short stories, Damaged Goods (urban) and Tangled (erotica). She is a California native who spread her childhood between two cities that she loves; Long Beach and Riverside. Growing up she was a shy person who spent a lot of her time reading and writing. She credits her high school teacher, Erin Gruwell, as the person who lit the fire under her to eventually publish her novels. After she was rejected by a few publishing companies she refused to let them telling her “no” deter her from her dreams. She believes that God has a purpose for her and all she wants to do is fulfill it. Her advice to other inspiring authors/writers is to keep the faith and never give up on your dreams because if it’s for you…then HE will make a way. She resides in Anaheim, Ca with her husband and two sons.

Connect with Phoenix C. Brown

Twitter: Pcbrown09
Instagram: MrsBrown_09

Links to Phoenix C. Brown's Work:

Beautifully Imperfect: All it took was one phone call to change the lives of four people. Be the fly on the wall as Rebecca Thomas, Malik Thomas, Natalie Hunter & Jennifer Nilon find out that what's done in the dark will always come to the light. Secrets will be revealed! Tears will be shed! Hopes will be extinguished! Dreams will be shattered! Find out what happens and get caught up in the page turning drama as you learn... That life is Beautifully Imperfect.

Kindle & Paperback:

All That Matters in the End: What do you do when you have to choose between your future and letting go of your past? People always say it's impossible to love two people at the same time...Well try telling that to Malik Thomas. He is still in love with his ex-wife, Rebecca, and attempting to move on with his future wife, Alexis. Just when he thinks the answer is front of him...his whole life changes in the blink of an eye.

Kindle & Paperback:

Damaged Goods (A Short Story): Whitney Thompson is the product of a taboo relationship and nobody in her family wants anything to do with her. She grows up in various foster homes and is excited when the day finally comes for her to be free. The day she turns eighteen, she’s ready to move out and on with her life. All of her plans change when her foster mother, Denise, is murdered. Whitney is on a mission to find out who would want to kill Denise and why.  

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Writer Wednesday - Author Teresa D Patterson

Welcome to another week's "Writer Wednesday" feature. this week's edition is all about Teresa D. Patterson. I've read her work myself and trust me...she's amazing!

Author Teresa D. Patterson

TERESA D. PATTERSON is the author of Project Queen 1 & 2, Uncrossing Her Legs, Ex-boyfriend, In Need of a Joshua Man, Spin Cycle, What About Your Friends, When There Are No Tomorrows, Panzina's Passion, Fetish, Food Stamp Bitches, Headlines, Sequoia Denise, Just a Kid, and Janell Has an Attitude. She has also written several novellas and short stories. She is the founder of Edit Again Publications and has a degree in business. Miss Patterson has worked as a freelance proofreader for the past three years.
To find out more information about the author, for book orders, and/or to read book excerpts, please visit You may also join her on Facebook ( and Twitter .


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Thank You

Author Keith Kareem Williams

"Thanks for your support."

That used to be the generic message I wrote in every book when I first started out. That was way back in 2004 when I first independently released my first novel, "Water Flows Under Doors." It's been a long, hard, road since then. I have the bruises and the scars to prove it but I'm proud of every one. I've learned a few things, lost a few friends and met some great people. All of these things are part of the process as I pursue my ambitions and goals. There are people who have been rocking with me since '04. Others have come along no fault of their own but because it takes time to get my name known. Once they discovered my writing and what I was capable of when I was focused with my pen, they've never left my side. For those people, I am grateful. I couldn't continue to do this without them. Over time, the bond that has grown between us has become even stronger.
Those that truly love me and want nothing more than to see me succeed are my foundation. I've always known that it was best to build my own. That way, the roots run deep and it will be too solid for any outside negativity to shake. I know, sometimes it makes it seem as if I only want to keep to myself but you have to see that trust is the hardest thing to earn from me. This is the way that I have to be because the world is TOO full of hollow pleasantries. Understand that I can love you but not trust you. Since the release of "Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls," I've had the opportunity to see who's really happy for me. I know who really believes in my talent and who is willing to fuel the flame that started as a spark but will eventually burn as brightly as the sun. Those people and I have formed an unbreakable link. For every book that I sign, I write a different message so that I can express how each and every one of them has helped me along the way. In my books, I share pieces of my soul and they accept those parts of me with open arms. I just want to say that I love you all. It all started with "Water Flows Under Doors," and then everyone eagerly anticipated "Open Spaces." That was the book that gave me the confidence to do this full-time because of the feedback and response from the readers that support me. I've done a few interviews and I've been asked some of the same questions over and over again so I put together "Sometimes Brooklyn, Mostly Mars" mostly for those who were curious, to give them a better understanding of who I am. That book was just a walk inside my mind.

Then, the time came to introduce the world to "Glass Goddesses, Concrete Walls." Those same readers, along with some who had never heard of me, opened their hearts and minds to taste what it had taken a lifetime of experiences to comprise. By the time the book was done, I was mentally exhausted and I think it's safe to say that we were all in love. I took a deep breath, took a short break and now I'm back to writing like the madman that they know me to be. I'm not sure which book I'll release next but I want everyone to know that I have you in my heart and my mind as I put my marks on these pages.

I love you ALL!!!

For those who don't know...or haven't heard what the new book is about: 

SYNOPSIS: In the middle of the night, our unnamed protagonist wakes to find Diana’s gun pointed at his head and he recognizes bloody murder in her eyes. While facing a scorned woman’s wrath, many of his past entanglements replay in his mind. Memories of women he has loved or refused to love surface like ghosts from the grave to haunt what could be his last moments. As he tries to reason with her for the sake of everything he has to live for, he realizes that there is so much that he deserves to pay for. Love, guns, sex and bullets can all be deadly in the wrong hands.


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Writer Wednesday - Author Ebony Nicole


Welcome to this week's blog where I feature another author whose writing I enjoy. Please take a moment to click her links as well.

Author Ebony Nicole

Ebony Nicole is a 28 year old aspiring author and poet. She currently resides in Decatur, Georgia. Writing has always been her passion and she started out just writing poetry to express her feelings. When she decided to take it a step further, she wrote her very first novel titled, “Let God Forgive Him.” It was released on November 21, 2010 and her second one will be released shortly. It is titled, “Destiny Is All I Need.” Having a creative mind and wanting to pursue her dreams, she is proud of her work and proud to call them “My Creations”. This is only the beginning and she says that she wants the world to see inside of “My mind, through My eyes”

Book Availability
“Let God Forgive Him” can be ordered ANYWHERE books are sold EXCEPT WALMART.
·        Barnes and Nobles
·        Amazon
·        Out-Write
Just to name a few…. OR You can order from

You may also order directly for Ebony Nicole, you will need a Pay-Pal account to complete this order; your book will be autographed and shipped directly to your place of choice.

Contact Information
Let’s stay connected=)


Here is the promotional video for "Destiny Is All I Need" by Ebony Nicole: